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Hand-blended Incense: Spirit Summoning
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Hand-blended Incense: Spirit Summoning

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All of my incenses are to be burned on charcoal. They are hand-made only after you order them to ensure freshness. Inceses can be used for cleansing, meditating, healing, spellcasting and even aromatherapy. Some incenses may not be used as herbal baths due to some herbs causing skin irritation. Please be sure to check each listing to see how safe each blend is to use in the bath. If you are not sure, please ask us BEFORE you use them in your bath! My incenses are made from 100% organic or wildharvested herbs with NO PRESERVATIVES. Try them today and see what a big difference freshness makes! An excellent blend for all types of spirit work - wether you are summoming elemental spirits, fairy spirits, or even your ancestors, this blend can aid in your work! Spirit summoning can be tricky - be sure you follow all the necessary steps to ensure your safety and success! This incense is especially good for use during the Samhain celebration, when calling forth the spirits of your ancestors to honor them!


Hand-Blended Incense

Made with Organic and Wildharvested Herbs

Must be burned in a heat resistant container

Hand-blended when you order it!

10 DRAM Vial

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